A1: Robotising Precast Production Processes


a) To Automate Reinforcement Assembly Processes

  1. Place and secure side forms
  2. Retrieve main and side meshes from storage to place in mould pallet
  3. Secure side meshes to main mesh, place and secure spacers, lifting hooks, cut mesh and place box-outs
  4. Remove side forms (demould)


b) To Automate Concreting Processes

  1. Spread wet concrete
  2. Roughen concrete surface




General Requirements:

  • Solution developed shall be customized to implement in APPS at CBR
  • Redesign existing processes and fixtures (e.g. spacer, lifting hooks) suitable for automation production
  • Solution must be cost-efficient, scalable (e.g. to produce wall and column), increase construction productivity and safety




HDB Call for Proposals: Enhancing Construction Productivity

Proposal submissions are open from 27 Sep 2022 02:15PM to 1 Mar 2023 11:59PM