B1: Automated Marking and Verification of On-Site Piling Location


Current Process:

Piling work, regardless of concrete or steel, requires surveyors to mark out the location for the piling. It is time consuming and manual, therefore looking for digital solutions to mark out location of the piles to reduce manpower and time spent on the process.

For automated marking, ground-marker robots or smart piling rigs, with preloaded maps of piling locations from As-Built Drawings, could be deployed. For precise automated verification of pile locations, drones with preloaded maps of pile coordinates could be used.




General Requirements:

  • Solution must be able to read pile layout drawings & automatically lay pile markers at the correct coordinates for riggers to bore
  • Accuracy of +- 10 mm
  • Solution should be able to scan the site and digitally record as-built locations of piles and display eccentricities in stipulated drawing presentation format
  • Users should be alerted to installed piles that deviate from their respective designed coordinates by more than the allowable range listed in the stipulated requirements (to be provided)



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